After crash: Level loading Problems

My Problem:

The level is loaded, a Print String in the Level BP on Begin Play and Tick shows up. There is no doubt the level is loaded and is running.
But the viewport is all black (except for UI and the print)
Second Error:
If i use the QuitGame node, the game doesn’t quit, not in PIE, not in Standalone.

All other Levels work well, just this called “Menu_Background_Level” seems not to work. It happened after the Engine crashed once when i hit play after deleting a “touchinterfacesetup”-class the project settings refered to.

When i do “stat LEVELS”, every level is loaded in like 0.2 sec, but the “Menu_Background_Level” is loaded at 0.0 sec, so i came to the conclusion the Level BP runs somehow, but the level with all it’s actors is not loaded right.

How do i get rid of this? I might try copy the level and it may work, but i want to know why this happens.

Never mind, i just checked everything, and in the game mode i set up for this map, the player was removed. So of course Quit Game didn’t quit the game, because there was no player. Sorry about that.