After builing the game action mapings don't work?

Hey my game was working normally in editor. I built the game to test it on different computers. when i play the built version i can move around but any thing i added to the controller wont work E.G. the “M” key is in my inputs as “Toggle Map” in editor the map pops up, in the build version nothing happens. Its like this for evey action map’d binding.

Has this happened to anyone else? how do you fix this. so far I’ve tried :
*resetting the editor and rebuilding.
*full build and after deleting that, a non “full build”
*moving the pathway for the build
*building the game in an earlier version of the engine. from 4.26 to 4.25.4

even went in an deleted the input ini and placed a copy from a different build in there (that build worked).