After adding C++ code Unreal Editor must be restarted ?

Hi guys,

I follow the official get started tutorial on program. Does it mean every time i modify c++ code in visual studio, i should restart unreal editor?   If so , compared with Unity3d,  it`s slower.

If you add new variables to a class, you will need to restart the game/editor after recompile. If you make smaller changes, for example just changing the body of a function, you can use the Compile button in the editor and do not need to restart. We are currently working to improve programmer iteration time in both cases.

Am i reading this wrong? That seems crazy.

This does sound very funny indeed. Feels like you need to peddle on a dynamo bike before you can shoot the photon canon Oo

You are reading it correct. Hot Reloading is only really useful when you are making subtle tweaks to algorithms and or variable values. If you modify or add a class the resulting files are not going to provide the same API and need to be reloaded into UE4. If you are interested in the details on why this is a complicated problem to solve you can check out posts like these on Stack Overflow: hot reload - How can one implement hot-swappable C++ modules? - Game Development Stack Exchange

I believe PIMPL idiom would reduce the number of restarts.

It’s the same on CryEngine too.