After adding another compositing element, clicking on the previous one (left or right click) instantly crashes UE

I have had a compositing element I have used to connect OBS to my project for livestreaming. I used the process from the YouTube videos on the OWL livestreaming toolkit (Specifically BOWTI 70-75 if you search it will appear).

The compositing element had a foreground of my camera feed and a CG element of the background. Everything worked fine until I added a new compositing element today. After I started working on adding the second camera to the second compositing element, it wouldn’t let me click on the prior compositing element at all. I made a new compositing element to test it and that also rendered the previous one useless to be able to left or right click, so I cant even delete those.

Asked the OWL livestreaming community but looking at the bug report they said it wasnt on their end. Adding images to show what my setup looks like and the bug report. Thank you for any help.