After a massive bunch of work another frustration! Load streaming doesnt reload actors!

Basically after an insane work to spawn actorsBP to the proper map and attach them to the proper owner, unloading level works but once the level is reloaded (load level streaming) the spawned actors don’t appear anymore!
How can I fix this please?

basically at the moment seems to be about APEX clusters, the fact is that I’ve done all of this just because of them!
So any advice please?

The level needs to work on it’s own. Does it spawn the actors if you just open that level in the editor ( and play )?

Hi Clock… yes it works.
everything works fine because all the actors have an owner. In case of BP that contains apex mesh they have the same onwer infact they disapper once unloaded, but once level is reloaded they are not in the level, why?

What I’m saying, is that if all the actors appear ok when you just run the level in the editor, then it will work when you stream it.

But if you are spawning actors and assigning their owner to an object in an already streamed level, naturally they won’t re-appear when you re-stream the level.

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ok so, in case of saving the level instead, do the APEX cluster remain at the same position after the explotion?

What is an apex cluster, I have no idea about that… :roll_eyes:

Destructible mesh component. Basically is UnrealEngine able to save them? Because I’m not sure about that… but because our game allow to destroy everythings it is a good fun to keep all the cluster permanently, even so when the player reload the game after days

Ah, chaos.

I’m afraid I really don’t know if it’s savable. It seems unlikely, although I could be wrong. I can’t find anything obvious online.

EDIT: I take that back. I think it splits them into separate meshes, doesn’t it? In which case you can save the level to the save game. I guess you’d have to save all the separate meshes, and remove the affected building parts.

woow… this would be really hard. I think I can make a small system to partially respawn part of it once the player reload the level