After a few hours of building my level, 'Play' no longer functions

This is the second project in a row that this has happened a few hours in. The first time I assumed that I deleted something essential. Any idea what could be happening?

I’m using the FPS prefab btw.

Thank you!

What happens when you click Play?
The only thing you need in the scene is the PlayerStart actor, if it’s not there, then add one and rebuild your Paths

Nothing happens, the screen just pulses and it thinks that it’s working. I can pause / stop etc. but it won’t actually turn into the play mode. I can ‘Launch’ and it works fine.

Side question: am I doing something wrong with the scale tool in this editor? it seems very bad, it won’t follow my mouse when I drag then just pops in extremely large.

Thank you!

Disable the snapping -> right upper viewport you can do that :slight_smile:


Coud you try all ways how you can play the game + tell us which ones do not work -> “selected viewport”, “new editor window”,…

Your question answered my question… I unknowingly changed the default Play type to something wrong.

Thank you for the help! Back to the learning process.