After 4.18 update mp4 video wont play on mobile devices


I have a little problem with display video on mobile devices using HUD after update 4.18.

On the computer, and on the mobile preview everything is fine, but when you launch the game on the target device instead of the image displays a black window.

Interestingly, the application behaves as if the video was displayed because the onEndReached event was called in right time time.

Look at screens of my BP’s, because I totally do not know why that error appears.

and also log from device relating to that widget :

[2017.11.10-12.23.38:930][212]LogUMG: Display: Widget Class Intro_Cutscene_Widget_C - Loaded Fast Template.
[2017.11.10-12.23.39:529][216]LogAndroidMedia: Warning: Cannot seek while closed, preparing, or in error state
[2017.11.10-12.23.39:529][216]LogAndroidMedia: Warning: Cannot set rate while closed, preparing, or in error state
[2017.11.10-12.23.44:214][314]LogScript: Warning: Attempted to access AudioComponent_0 via property CallFunc_CreateSound2D_ReturnValue, but AudioComponent_0 is pending kill
Intro_Cutscene_Widget_C /Engine/Transient.GameEngine_0:GameInstance_0.Intro_Cutscene_Widget_C_0
Function /Game/RunnerGame/Intro_CutScenes/Intro_Cutscene_Widget.Intro_Cutscene_Widget_C:ExecuteUbergraph_Intro_Cutscene_Widget:01F2
[2017.11.10-12.23.44:214][314]LogScript: Warning: Script call stack:
Function /Game/RunnerGame/Intro_CutScenes/Intro_Cutscene_Widget.Intro_Cutscene_Widget_C:OnEndReached_Event_0
Function /Game/RunnerGame/Intro_CutScenes/Intro_Cutscene_Widget.Intro_Cutscene_Widget_C:ExecuteUbergraph_Intro_Cutscene_Widget

[2017.11.10-12.23.45:556][345]LogAndroid: Case APP_CMD_LOST_FOCUS
[2017.11.10-12.23.45:559][345]LogAndroidEvents: Display: DequeueAppEvent : 10, 0
[2017.11.10-12.23.45:589][346]LogAndroid: Case APP_CMD_PAUSE
[2017.11.10-12.23.45:600][346]LogAndroidEvents: Display: DequeueAppEvent : 6, 0
[2017.11.10-12.23.47:010][346]LogTemp: Android pause audio
[2017.11.10-12.23.47:111][346]LogAndroid: Case APP_CMD_SAVE_STATE
[2017.11.10-12.23.47:111][346]LogAndroid: Case APP_CMD_STOP
[2017.11.10-12.23.47:111][346]LogAndroid: Case APP_CMD_TERM_WINDOW
[2017.11.10-12.23.47:111][346]LogAndroidEvents: Display: DequeueAppEvent : 12, 0
[2017.11.10-12.23.47:111][346]LogAndroidEvents: Display: DequeueAppEvent : 8, 0
[2017.11.10-12.23.47:111][346]LogAndroidEvents: Display: DequeueAppEvent : 3, 0

Check below URL.

Upgrading Media Framework Content to 4.18 : Upgrading Media Framework Content to 4.18 | Unreal Engine Documentation