Affordable Landscapes 2 - 25 Terrains for $40!

25 Variety Specific Landscapes! AF2 will consist of 5 volumes and there will be 25 landscapes inside each volume.

  1. Desert Sand Vol. 1
  2. Grassy Rocks Vol. 1
  3. Desert Rocks Vol. 1
  4. Ocean Islands Vol. 1
  5. Snowy Winterland Vol. 1

These landscapes come with high quality 2048x2048 textures with no extra charge. You only pay for the bare landscape and get everything with it.

One material per landscape.
A high quality splat map tuned with hand is included per each landscape to prevent any blocky artifacts.
No tiling or repititive textures/patterns anywhere in the world! the shader is setup to give you the maximum variation in the surface and yet it yields best quality.

Cloud shadows:
Be happy to have those really nice cloud shadows moving upon the face of your map and give it that realistic and live feeling.

Nice global lighting:
The lighting setup is specificly done for each level to deliver the mood, be it a desert or a snowed mountain, you don’t get an interesting look out of it without the magic of a good lighting.

In-Engine Post processing:
All the images provided for previewing the landscapes are captured within the UE4 editor of course and are clear of any kind of Photoshop work. Post processing is done %100 inside the engine and you get what you see.

Color Grading:
A color grading chart or LUT (Look Up table) is added on top of the lighting in order to give it that ultimate adjustments and deliver the ultimate quality.

Updating with images in 2 days. If there is something else you guys would like instead of the listed packs please let us know. We’re ALL ears.

Now that seems like a deal!

I would like to know if the materials with the splash maps are all hooked inside the engine or we have to do it?

Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

They might be. I’m working to get the pack out quickly in the next 2-3 weeks and available for purchase for the community. As I commence with updates this should be something I will undoubtedly take care of.

For that price, I may even check them out myself :slight_smile:

I would still buy Kingbadger3D’s terrains, simply because they can be edited in Blender after purchase and this means I can change bits here and there that do not suit my needs. Or I can use them as a starting point for my own terrain modelling.

That’s an important selling point for every developer’s artistic freedom.

This is not possible here.

Please don’t start another argument here, The other thread was locked for a reason. Please be civil :slight_smile:

I simply want to discuss the marketplace items.
The other thread got locked because the two competitors got into a heated argument and behaved like children.

Please allow me to discuss the market place items without black painting my posts!
Nothing in my post above is in any way offensive, but the post simply adresses a point of the to-be-offered items.

What other way do we have to discuss the items?

If we post opininions about to-be-offered items, and as a result the creator replies in ways that threads get closed, then I think it paints a bleak picture.

Please do not distort honest discussions in such a questionable way.

If you think CheapModeler should add a feature to his pack, please phrase it that way. Let’s avoid derailing threads with general marketplace discussion or what have you and keep it on topic.

Sure. I will work to make them editable. Thank you for the great idea! And these will be $10 cheaper too than King Badger as well! Our prices won’t be beat!

Reminds me of Apollo Creed in Rocky: “Any place, Anywhere, Anytime. I will not be beaten!”

Haha, But I’m looking forward to this! Any estimation on release date / Earlier ways to get a hold of this pack? :slight_smile:

That sounds great! Editable is important.

This might as well be the one to buy.

Coming from the guy who tried to rip his work to shreds?

We’re booked with three big jobs right now from freelance work. Once we wrap those up we should be able to knock out this pack out right away and get it onto Gumroad. We’re thinking the first week of March.

We’re also discussing giving away one of these terrains away for free for the community to look at and review as well so they can see what they’re getting. There has been increasing complaints about the Marketplace offerings being unrepresentative of what customers will actually receive so we’re contemplating giving away one of these terrains for nothing so that everyone can see the quality they’re getting when they buy our Asset packs. I should have an update for this thread either tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.

Learrn to read! I was arguing over the pricing vs content.

(just kidding)

Going to buy these just to support you Cheap modeler :slight_smile:

You are awesome!

CM. That is a great idea. At least it shows off what can be purchased in the marketstore and the quality with it.

Think UE will give you commission if people sign up due to your work? :wink:

This is a great idea and I think everybody submitting assets to the marketplace should take this into consideration. I’m always hesitant to buy anything from the marketplace because it’s way too hard to actually see the actual quality. You get 4 somewhat large pictures and a bunch of thumbnails.
We need wireframe pics, UV layouts, a way to see the models from different angles, texel density etc.

Also, some better marketing tools would be great for content creators. TurboSquid has a pretty good dashboard that allows you to see all kinds of metrics, search words etc. Maybe borrow some ideas from them?

Anyway, looking forward to your landscapes. :slight_smile:

Wait, you cant edit them in landscape mode?

you can edit any landscape with the landscape mode, but the textures will not match anymore. in the best case you can also paint the texture layers to match, but if there’s a 1:1 texture applied (i.e. the classic worldmachine flowmap), then the more you edit the landscape the more off this one will look