Affordable Graphic Design

Hello guys! My name is Flav and I’m a freelance designer from Argentina. I’m here to offer you an affordable service of Graphic or Web Design.

What is my goal?
I want to create a solution to graphic problems without being very expensive. Many of the developers here are indie or just students, so I thought that a affordable could be useful for all.

What are my prices?
That’s depends of the complexity of the work you want me to do. But, it will be no more than US$5. That’s the max price!

What I can do?
From logos to responsive websites, everything related with that!

Delivery time
Within 1-2 weeks!

About Payment
You can send me the payment to my paypal account. Sadly, is the only way I can offer right now.

If you have questions, please send me a message!

And… that’s all! I’ll be looking forward to work with the awesome developers from here!
And I’m sorry for my poor english, still learning! :smiley:

Responsive websites are no more than $5?

hi do you have a portfolio?