AESTRIAL (placeholder name)

i selected royalty 'cause i didn’t know a better category. My idea is, since the game will be BtP (buy to play), to divide in equal part the money gained from it

**Title **
Aestrial, war above the stars (placeholder name)

A fantasy, sci-fi survival mmo. Totally driven by the player (from economy to politics). No levels, no classes, achievement evolution system.
Some features:
-play as a native in an alien world
-hundreds of possibility to create your nation city: from a tribal-looking village to a massive, rich empire
-your game, your tradition: build and decorate monolyths to tell the story of your own nation, sacrifice and make offers to the “Gods” to gain their favor
-tame beasts that come out directly from your worst nightmare to destroy your opponent empire and claim their capital, or befriend the most cutest thing you could ever immagine to kept as pets inside your home!

previous works
N/A first title

talent required
Project Manager
C++ Programmer
Blueprint Scripting
3D Character Artist
3D Artist
Concept Artist
**i can do in most part concept arts and i’m able to make models (a bit xD)

Skype: Saveme003

If you wanna ask something, to give your contribution or just for your own curiosity, feel free to contact me. I will answer as soon as possible :smiley:

Found a programmer!
Is there any modeler and a terrainer? :smiley:
I promise you it will worth your time :slight_smile: