Aerial Combo in Multiplayer Melee

How to make aerial melee combo like titles Devil May Cry or Warframe in multiplayer…I try to do “launch character” locally and make RPC to Server and him replicate to others client excluding the client who start…but it’s low quality and have much problems with movement when on air…like as a sttutering…

There is an example of results that I look:

How the flow works…need to launch character again when hit aerial hit???

Someone that know this can explain me and tell how to do this in multiplayer pls???

Any tip???

that’s 20 hours of work or so.

1 Get your melee Tracing going
2 get a proper understanding of the Anim blueprint.

Do you pay people to work for you :rolleyes:?

If you have a good work I can pay to teach yes. Show your work as example of aerial combos.
I’m playing to learn how to do something likethis in multiplayer.

I’m alright tracing my targets…my system have damage based on the bone hitted. I’m trying to launch character when do a hit and launch myself to air using “Launch Character” node…I thing that I notice on some games…when you are in aerial combos…the characters appers not being affect by gravity.

The trick is enter in fly movement mode or launch again a each hit???

Anything it’s possible in unreal : ) well, but not everything it’s cheap can you send me a discord nickname ? ID so we can talk, with I aerial combos I guess that you mean hit an enemy on the air ? well we’ll check… thanks :smiley:

Yeah…something like Devil May Cry titles…etc but in multiplayer

Add me on discord to chat about.

Mine is Neonerone#6731it’s easier way to get to add each other.