Advise needed for spline road building method.


I’m working on an island map (size= 7k x 7k) and there is going to be one loop highway around it which has quite a lot of branches going from there to towns.

What I (ultimately) want to achieve:
An easily editable road system.


  • Using the spline tool from the landscape tab, the meshes stretch, so I have to divide it into even parts, (size of the mesh), which are a lot of parts, and never very precise.
  • Using a spline actor, which places the meshes accordingly, fps drops quite a lot the more i add, making it a pain to edit.

I could make a lot of spline actors which I just need to line up, but will not be *one *system, and ultimately a pain to edit.

What would you recommend in my case?
What did you do / are you going to do in your case?

I appreciate your answers and suggestions.

Kind regards,

Hey. There is a good live stream that UE did, and they go through what you want and talk about turning off collisions during the buildup in the editor so that it doesnt lag and when it is ready you turn it on. And you can add stuff along the road wherever you want.
Just search for UE4 spline on youtube and you will find it.
i think it is 1h30m long

Thanks, I’ll look into it :slight_smile: (seen it appear on youtube before, but didn’t think much of it)