Advise for game dev dreamer C++ first or learn C# or java script then attempt C++

Question is simple,

  1. Blueprints are great but at the end of the day is C++ a most to

move forward?

  1. Is it better to learn C# or Javascript first then after 6 moths to a year

tackle C++ or master blueprints or both?

  1. Since my weakness is coding, I can animate, Rig, model but not great

Do I need to know all C++ syntax to use UE4?

I can’t code but started learning C#.

Started with UE4 when it first came out. I was paying the

monthly fee and happy to do so. I love UE4 but decided at

about version 4.5 to use Unity at the time. As I went through

making my one level game I ran into scripting issues.

Unity is a good engine but it is limited to how well you can

extend its editor.

 My plan was to learn the process of game making with a 

softer package then come back to UE4.

As I dig more into Unity I realize how I should have never stopped

learning UE4 and build on it.

C++ was the reason for me going to Unity in the first place and

learn a easier C# instead.

UE4 uses a more simplified (but no less powerful) version of C++. Don’t bother with C# or JavaScript … they will not help you with UE4.

The best book for learning C++ specific to UE4 is: Learning C++ by Creating Games with UE4

If C# is what you want to learn … then Unity would be the engine for you. Personally I think you will get more mileage with C++ and UE4 … because you have the flexibility of Blueprints and the power of C++. If you plan on making a career as a game developer … you will get more opportunities with C++ than you will with C#.

I know Java and C# and C++ … I have been coding professionally for 19 years now … this has been my experience. 8-}

Agree. If you learn C++ first, then the other two will follow and feel more like little brothers / simpler flavors. Its been said that M$ created .Net / CLR / C# etc because they were secretly jealous of the success of Java, and now they want to revert back! Normally learning C++ is intimidating for modelers, and it is if you’re stuck in a gutter debugging obscure API’s, but UE4 C++ is much more highly abstracted, so its easier, or feels easier at least. Unfortunately, you still must learn the components of Epic’s engine, whereas in Unity, there wasn’t much of an object model to learn IIRC…

From what you’ve said, I would suggest that you learn Blueprints. There’s very little you can’t do with Blueprints, and if you get to a point where you feel you need C++ for something, you’ll have a good grasp on a lot of the fundamental concepts from having learned Blueprint and will really only need to learn syntax and things like memory management that Blueprint users are shielded from.

The concepts are hard, syntax is easy. If you’re a visual thinker, use Blueprint to learn the fundamentals and worry about C++ later, if you need to.

Thanks for the wisdom

Your so right, I see the power of C++ and it was going to happen sooner or later. I put of learning C++ for many years.

knowing C++ opens a new world.

I will dive into blueprints alot more and learn C++

C++ it is and I’m not looking back.
I will get that book

thanks again. Jeff Lamarche, Franktech, And Qdelpeche

You all are on point. Only bad thing is I have to fbx all my unity Assets I can use that are good enough for UE4 lol

isnt that book kind of outdated already

It is a little … but it still gives some valuable insight on how to get things going and some of the basics needed to get them going. I see it more of a gap filler between learning Blueprints and then wanting to get your hands dirty with UE4 C++.

It isn’t too much effort to bring the content in the book up to 4.7.6 or 4.8 … and I found it made me think about things more as I was trying to find the right objects to use. 8-}

I am going to get it then lol

> Don’t bother with C# or JavaScript … they will not help you with UE4.

While true the skills you learn with C# or js won’t directly help with C++/UE4… BUT learning any language and how to program doesn’t hurt and will make you more well rounded anyway.

It uses same C++ as anywhere else, it’s not version of C++ it’s C++, just have fancy macros which you can see in different project too. We already have people confused with legendary “UE4 C++” :stuck_out_tongue: