Advices & Help are needed for a Luge blueprint

Hello dear developer

To begin with , I recently started to work on a little project with my friend ( Programmer ) but some event happened and he is not able to work with me anymore . ( since the project isn’t that complex ) I think that I could manage to use blueprint and script things by myselft .

So there is the thing, I am working on a level where you control a luge and your goal is to go down the mountain. however the thing is that it is not an open world game so the level is linear ( not literally , you need to turn and control where the luge is going , also the camera is 3dr person ) . I am not sure about how should I make the blueprint for the control system , because I want the luge to alway go at the same speed . Basicaly I want it to alway go forward by itself then the player would just have to move it on lateral axis , the luge would rotate when moved lateraly so it could turn . I am not sure about how to procede to achieve this mechanics but I wanted to know if you could help me a bit ( even just tell me the basics if you dont have that much time ) .

( also sorry, english is not my natal langage .I tried to write the best I can )

thank you


Well since you want the character to always move forward just add “event tick” in the player blueprint and connect it to movement. As so…

And then your movement should be how you want. All you need to do now is turn like you described.

I did 1 before with this just using pure physics. Create the physics materials and give them a low friction value. Then you have your luge and you put a weight on top of it and put it on a slider that just moves side to side.

This will give you proper turning mechanics and proper acceleration (something going down a hill shouldn’t hit 100% speed instantly and stay at that speed)

Thank you a lot guys I’ll try hope it works properly for my needs . I will give you news about it