Advices for my graphic card

Hello everybody, can you give me an advice? I’m going to develope games in ue4. I’d want buy a P1000 of series quadro of nvidia. My budget is 400 max for the graphic card. Does something better, to develope games with unreal, exist?

Quadro cards are not good for game development, they are optimized for other uses that don’t benefit games, for $400 you can get something like a GTX 1070 which would work great.

Yeah, you should get a GTX 1070.

Depends on what type of game you are making. sidescrollers/platformers and top down tend to take up less vram if you use the game engine correctly. if you’re doing first person arena like a fps quick shooter it will take a bit more. another one to note would be open world rpg or just any type of open world free roaming which will eat up vram like nobodies business, especially without the developers optimizations. something darthviper107 failed to mention is that quadro gpu’s are expensive because you’re basically paying for support not that much of quick frames per second as its mainly used for rendering. with ue4 you would want a gaming gpu a gtx or rtx graphics card as those tend to be cheaper and faster at whipping out the frames quickly where as quadra gpu’s are typically used in tasks like rendering or render farms for companies who have the money to pay for them. i still use a gtx 500 and gtx 600 series and they work just fine. you dont have to have the latest 9xx or 1xxx or 2xxx to develop games with unreal engine. a older card will suffice and you might be able to put more money towards a ssd or other upgrades. but if you are using heavy tessellation and HUGE open worlds like UE4 Kite Demo you might want something a bit more modern like a 7xx or 9xx as you might run out of vram.