Advice: Temporary environment actors (Directional Light, Expo Fog, PP) for sublevels?

Hi, I’m wondering how to work on sublevels in isolation yet retain some form of global environment from the persistent level?

My current method is to place a copy of my environment actors (custom actors containing DL, expo fog, etc) in each sublevel and destroy them on beginplay. This approach is suboptimal and appears to be creating visual oddities when streaming levels in as expofog goes crazy.

Any clues on how to go about this in a better way?

Update : I built an editor widget that toggles visibility/hidden in game on the sublevel environment actors so I can easily switch them off - but it still seems less than ideal to have to destroy these actors right after they load.

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I was wondering about this myself.

I think an editor widget that does a ‘load level instance’ on a lighting level, which is only used in editor, so you can see what you’re doing.

Then for gameplay ( which will automatically remove the lighting level ), the game instance can spawn these actors so you always get lighting in any level after pressing play.

As far as changing the fog / sun angle etc as you move around goes, I was wondering about overlap volumes with environment settings. But haven’t got that far yet… Rather than one overlap for each area, which gets a bit messy, you can make a ‘double sided’ overlap BP ( I’ve done it for level loading ), which tests which side the player is after ‘end overlap’ ( not begin ). It does this with a dot product.

In fact, I think this loading volume could contain the environment settings, actually…

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I didn’t realize I could load a level instance via an EW, this is an interesting approach - thank you once again for opening my mind!

Yes, I have a basic setup that does this (uses ‘helpers’ eg: overlap volumes to control environment actor settings), but I hadn’t considered setting it up this way.

Also, the dot product method is a much better way to make a ‘door’ style trigger/overlap volume. I had been doing a similair thing but using 2 seperate volumes. :sweat_smile:

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Yes, you can do it from call in editor custom events.

I had volumes all over the place, now all replaced with one! :smiley: ( in each area… )


Just built this in, works great for previewing env when working inside isolated sublevels!

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