advice please

Sorry it’s in the wrong section, but I tried googling around and I can’t really find a straight answer and even watching some tutorials maybe I watched the wrong tutorials but here’s my question. I’m trying to import a apartment into Unreal Engine 4, and I went as far as successfully importing the walls but I don’t know how to make the engine put the walls where they’re supposed to be. When i import them as fbx they just show up in the bottom panel and I could grab them and drop to the viewport. How do you make the engine know where the walls are supposed to be at? do I have to reorganize everything from scratch? I was hoping to just import and they would show up in the view port exactly where they originally were.

You can select all your meshes and drop them at once! They’ll have the same position as in your original fbx model. Once in your scene you can group them by pressing ctrl+G and ungroup them with shift+G to move all pieces around easily.

Thxs! Ill try this! I did this initially and unfortunately the whole room became 1 mesh that was not selectable by individual walls. Not sure what i did wrong. It’s there a option that ue4 has that tells the room to keep it as individual parts?

The ctrl+g grouping don’t merge the meshes permanently, it’s just to move them all at once. What I do is select all my meshes, drop them in the scene, hit ctrl+g, move them where I want them, shift+g to ungroup them and now I can select each mesh individually to adjust lightmap res and other stuff.

And don’t forget to uncheck Combined Meshes during FBX import.