[Advice Please] Curious to what I should do for a Server. Any Ideas?

Looking to try and work on an MMORPG style video game. I was hoping to use Steam Subsystem to power the game and use an external database to host the Login Information. Only problem is, I’m practically clueless when it comes to servers. I’ve set up private (home) servers where I’ve used PHPmyAdmin to host Login information, but anyone that knows even the basics of networking, knows thats a bad idea. So I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on affordable solutions to reach my goal?

Maybe Amazon Gamelift?

Well, as usual… it depends :stuck_out_tongue: But if the only problem you are trying to solve is logging in you might want to look at They are specialized in logins.There is no default component for UE4 for integration as far as I know, but the auth0 interface is not that complicated.

This was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks ZacD!

@ZacD I have been using VaRest plugin with UE4.20 and I can connect to my webserver that hosts the API files. However, in my API files I route the VaRest ApplyURL to my AWS RDS database and nothing happens? If I change my username and password for my database to something that is incorrect, it spits out an error trying to log into my database. So I’m assuming I’m logging in fine to the database, It’s just my VaRest JSON Request isn’t returning anything. Any ideas why this is happening?