Advice on tutorials/devlogs to help beginners learn and stay productive/motivated

Hello all, I’m reaching out to different communities to get some opinions on a youtube devlog project I’m committed to starting next week. This will be a channel that shows the perspective of a novice solo dev working his way up and showing his progress along the way. I have made a total of 4 simple projects over the scope of a 1.5 years and am nowhere near satisfied with my current level of knowledge and productivity. So my main goal for this project is to foster self accountability by setting daily goals and completing tasks. I want to post 2 different types of videos each week. 1) a devlog that shows what I did, and whether or not I met my goals each day. 2) tutorials and advice to challenge myself and others to learn things I have find to be difficult while starting out. I will try it regardless for myself, but do you all think this will be something others will find useful? Is this too ambitious or a good way to foster commitment? Any advice would be appreciated!

I usually only look up tutorials when I actively work on something. Sometimes I watch other dev videos, when they present something. TeslaDev made lots of very brief on the point tutorial videos which are helpful. I can only speak for myself but in my free time I work on my project, so following a developer growing his skills, might be more interesting for someone who is not really a developer. It really depends how the video is made, how you come across. Are you good in getting peoples attention when you speak? Do you have something very interesting to share, ie. how to setup a simplewheeledvehicle with 6 wheels, does it look very polished? From time to time I go back and watch the videos I made a few years ago, always interesting for me, but probably not so much for others, at least according to the video views. So it really depends what your talents are, but everything which helps you to learn is something important, even if it is only for you.