Advice on technical plausibility of projects

Hi ladies and gents,

I am not asking for all the answers to how to make this mod, because that would be far too much, but some indication of whether it’s possible, and whether it’s possible for a fairly smart and techy, but total newcomer to modding would be much appreciated.

Basically, and this might sound dubious, I want to make a saddle skin or saddle replacement that is a dinosaur ballgag. There’s honestly nothing untoward going on here, I just think they’re too **** loud when sat about my base.

I was thinking saddle skin because of the universal application on all saddles, like the dino glasses, though frankly I got lost and the tutorials I have seen didn’t cover anything so complex. It would need a new mesh (I may use the wrong technical terms here), amended sound files and a hell of a lot of links.

I know it’ll be hours of hard learning, I am not thinking it’ll be really easy, but does it sound far too advanced, or even not possible with the Ark Dev kit?



i suppose you could find the sound cues for the dinos and create your own version with the same name to overwrite them with different volume levels as a guess…

Just make the saddle give the attached dino a buff, then use the buff to change the sounds via graph. This method also works to add new animations and other stuff without having to remap the dino. All you’ll be adding is a new saddle.

I have not done exactly that but have done something very similar and it works great.