Advice on Saving Kerbal Like Construction, please.


I’d like some advice/strategy on how I can save Actors and Child Actors. I’m doing some R&D on a Kerbal Space Program like construction exercise. I have a base actor, a 1st level attachment, and a 2nd level attachment. So 2 levels deep. 2 attaches to 1, which is then attached to the base. There can be multiple items that attach to base. I’m using AttachTo (playing with both Actor and Component) to attach my items together at runtime.

At the moment, I’m thinking some kind of recursive on the base, find all attachments with a tag I specify, then search that for attachments with the tag.

Is there a better way to do this?

Whats the best way to pack this info into a variable that I can save? I assume a map and array? Is there a table like variable in unreal that I can read and write to ?
Any help on saving and loading strategy would be greatly appreciated!