Advice on Reference files, Directory Structure and Naming Convention

I’m trying to learn the suggested Directory Structurea and Naming Conventions

1.) UE4 documentation (https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Basics/DirectoryStructure/index.html) was really helpful in this. But i’m still unsure whether to put all my .FBX and reference .TGA files to my working directory, or to do it like i’ve done so far and keep another Folder for all the reference files.
Of course it’s always preferred to keep a backup of working folders. But will it get cluttered over time to have all the files there? As in the end, i’ve understood that UE4 will only take .uasset files when packing the final game. And it can get confusing to try and keep the folder structure the same on both, Working and Source folders. At least now that i’m just learning the whole process. But as said, better to try and make it right from the beginning! :slight_smile:

2.) Another thing on my mind is File Naming. Short names in english, that easily give pointers to where it belongs. Prefix and Suffixes as told in the above link. But when you take conding into consideration, should i name files like “M_Infrastructure_Shack_01” or is it preferrable to use lowercase all the time? That is, “m_infrastucture_shack_01”. I’ve understood that in some cases there are rules in coding regarding to Letter Casing.

So, i’m asking advice on how you handle with all the files associated to your project? Do you keep a separate Working and Source Folders or just put them all into Content Folder?

  1. I personally just create another folder in the root of the project + put all fbx/tga/… files in there
  2. when you are a programmer, you would write it like that MInfrastructureShack01, but I personally do it like that (it’s easier to read): M_Infrastructure_Shack_01 :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply! I guess i’m on the right track then :slight_smile: