Advice on packaging product

Hello I am a solo developer and want to package the Alpha testing build of my game but every time I do so it ends up crashing either my computer or the editor. My deadline was Monday 11th May but if I cannot package it I will have to extend the date. I have tried setting the project to Shipping and it helped for a little bit before crashing again therefore I would be extremely grateful if I could be given any useful advice on what to do.

Thank you.

Do you get a crash log?

Also, main thing to try when packaging, is make a new project, migrate your main maps, and package from there.

Otherwise absolutely everthing will end up in the package!

I do get a crash log but I currently can’t remember what it said due to it removing one of my maps making me have to recreate it!

I will try to package it through a new project so thank you for the suggestion and hopefully that will work.

I guess it doesn’t help that I am new to the packaging process as I have never attempted to do it before on previous projects.