Advice on object types

Hi all,

I’m currently setting up the AI perception and I want my level to be filled with objects that the player can interact with. Normally these would just be static meshes but I want the AI to react to them once the player ‘uses’ them e.g. If the player knocks something over I want the AI to either see or hear it and investigate.

I have the AI working and can detect the player fine but I’m not sure about how to set up the objects? Ideally I would have these animated or using physics once the player has interacted with them. Would it be fine to make these actors? This would potentially mean there are hundreds of actors and I don’t know the consequences of that. If they could be actors it would be easier to use the perception tools as I’m not sure it can be used to just detect static meshes and whether I can animate those anyway?

I would love some guidance so I know what area to concentrate on.

Thanks and sorry for all the questions