Advice on modeling real life items


Is there a secret to modeling real life items? The reason I ask; Is because I want to model a real scale WW2 tank, The M3 Stuart. But I can’t find any detailed schematics. I find LOADS of pictures and semi-blueprints of the outside but NONE show the dimensions ect…So where do you get the info?

Or is the secret that you guess?.. World of war tanks is DETAILED so how did they get info? I’m guessing inside schematics is even harder to get? I can even find schematics of a civil war cart or canon!! It’s VERY flustrating…ANY advice,tip,or website would be MOST thankful.

Thank you all.

There are literally more schematics then pictures

Tamiya models are always a good source too since they are usually to scale and precise…roduction.html

Not sure how you found that lol I couldn’t find that…thank you for the help and info :slight_smile: