Advice on how to implement a shock wave mechanic


I am growing the circle and would like to apply an impulse to hit physical objects when it hits a object, however it doesnt really work and says "circle has to simulate physics for it to work, but I dont want the circle to simulate any physics)

here is a gif, so I want all physics simulating objects to get a good knockback as soon as the circle hits them
any pointers would be appreciated

TD:LR, I would love to know how I could get all objects to get a good knockback when hit by the circle.

Use a cylinder, but detect overlap and give the overlapped objects force in the direction calculated from the center of the circle. Look at would do it…

thanks clockwork, but I am using a cylinder and the overlap doesnt return the boxes for some reason.

I will come back in a while…

All objects you want to apply the force to must have “generate overlap events” ticked under collision.

So I did this:

Uh, the begin overlap bit doesn’t do anything. It’s physics that’s doing it all… ( it’s set to block all ).

they did :s

did you mean my overlap doesnt do anything? ill try your set up again.


Did a set up again, and as you can see on event begin overlap, I am trying to print the boxes names to test if the overlap is working but unfortunately it doesnt print anything. I dont know why. Was set to block all boxes have physics and also check for overlap events.

added your set up with a test impulse and it just doesnt work :frowning: it doesnt return anything, I noticed also that if I disable physics on the boxes the cylinder is just overlapping them. I set it to block all.

No, that’s what I’m saying, just don’t even use the overlap code.

The collision sphere is set to block all, and you just increase it’s size with the timeline - that’s it :slight_smile:

Is there a cylinder collision primitive? Cause at the

i cannot find a cylinder collision shape, therefore I am using this cylinder static mesh. Is it possible that a static mesh begin overlap check doesn’t work? If its not too much work for you, can you try go get a collision response with a growing mesh/instead collision volume (i set it as a root) and see if the collision still works? For some reason it doesnt work on my end so I am trying to see if someone else has the problem with a mesh.

many thanks!

edit: the reason I am using a cylinder is because I am trying to mimic those boss battle ground pounds that trigger a shockwave you have to jump over in order to avoid taking damage. Using a sphere would defeat the purpose and a box collision would maybe be too punishing

Yes, that’s fine, use a low cylinder, but set it to block all and forget the overlap thing :slight_smile:

sorry but when you say forget the overlap thing do you mean forget event beginn overlap? How will i fire the impulse event then?

cheers. I will try it out tomorrow

I changed the screen shot. Forget about the overlap. It will work on collision alone when you just use block all and expand the mesh.

how do you add the shcokwave effect, mine just get shoved away.

Ok, that must just be because I’m using a sphere. I only have 1/2 the sphere above ground…