Advice on creating a first person fighter combat system

Hey guys, I’m working on the creation of a first person melee fighting system for UE4.11 and have a basic idea of what I’m making.

      I will be using AniMontage to chain together various attack animations(i.e. LPunch, RPunch, Kick, LPunch, LPunchEnd,) Root Motion for slides, rolls etc. and blueprints for separate attacks and a combo system.  I do have trouble with one thing however..  easy movement.  I want the system to be streamlined see, with the character jumping between targets ala Arkham games.  How would one so this?  Basically whenever the character attacks or jumps to another enemy, the distance is lined up perfectly so as to provide perfectly synced anims.  I am also having trouble with counters from behind and location-based anims.. what would you guys suggest, the trouble is for the first one in this being FP game.   

      My ideal system would be something along the lines of: **enemy prepares attack from behind> player receives noise alert> player can RClick to counter> player camera tilts sideways/180 degree and swing back to hit/kick/grapple enemy> chance to continue beating countered enemy> player passes on option> camera reverts to original target**  As far as location based anims go, any suggestions(e.g. player behind enemy, snaps neck, or enemy in front, player grabs neck with legs, both drop to ground and player snaps neck of enemy with leg hold.

Thanks in advance for the help, anything to move the system along would be greatly appreciated I know this a tall order, but have heard great things about all you guys in the community and any side-suggestions e.g. help with planning out the system better/help with technical details(I’m still a huge noob with only a general concept, so if anyone could list out exactly what needs to be done that would be awesome =) on things like rolls and any tut referrals would we awesome =D

Cheers, manticore_

You are basically asking for something that needs to be sketched in the design process. I suggest you start with a basic targeting system and no fancy animations, only conditions and debugging with print to screen. My initial “Logic sense” says that the player doesn’t care if “Enemy starts attacking and makes sound” if the player can’t target it (Path to enemy is not clear). Adding the animations and playing them is only a matter of flow control after that.

So basically you can start by simulating all these situations one by one. :slight_smile:

Alrighty, how would you recommend i dealt with moving enemy to enemy then? Technically speaking. :smiley:

Just as you would in real-life. From current target to the closest threat assuming all the conditions are met. Basic maths really. But honestly there are many different solutions - just grab a pen and a paper and then tell me how you would envision it.

From your initial idea of a fight system, it sounds like a spiderman FPF(first person fighter).

So before your fighting plans, think of who and or what your main character is. Regular human, alien, robot, God/Goddess, ect…
A Being with no powers can only see or hear attackers like IRL. A Superpowered being could have an extra “sensory” for on coming unseen attacks. Once you’ve decided that, then you can set up their fight system.

For your Ideal system above, Superpowers, Alien with very good ears or extra eyes(snail like or behind head) or Robot/cyborg, playboy millionaire(Like ironman or Batsy) with sensors would work. You can really get creative with Char, fight system, and storyline once you decide the main Char’s type.

To help you out a bit. Here is a link to both an Example game design document and a blank template that you can fill out. You don’t have to fill out everything right away, just what you need to get you started. You can ignore the monetization, pitch, influences…all the business stuff for right now. There’s also some light reading if you have some spare time.