advice on a game

Hello I will be creating a 3d / 2d style isometric game similar to Pokemon but I want the game to be playable on all devices , would unreal engine be able to do this ?

UE4 supports PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Android, and iOS with experimental Linux support. So yes, though you need to develop with the platforms in mind–for example, don’t use a lot of features that work well on PC that won’t work well on mobile.

I want to use windows platform and mobile devices the graphics I want to keep the same throughout do everyone gets thevsame experience

Currently UE4 does not support Windows mobile, and to make the experience the same you will have to keep that in mind when doing your lighting and materials and how complex your geometry is along with textures.

Is it possible then to make it in ue4 or 5nkeepingbthevsane graphics for each platform ? AND how would i do it for windows store ? Would i have to use unity ? Or some other engine

I’m not sure what you mean. Though UE4 does not have Windows Store app support.

If your game is graphically or computationally intensive, then I would not recommend UE4 for mobile. I worked in a game studio that shipped this game, which was demanding using UE4. It was a nightmare. Otherwise, if your game is really simple and straightforward, then probably yes.

The game is similar to Pokemon but smoother and better graphics and the view will be between 2d and 3d so the game will be on windows store apple store android and pc so imbetween unity and unreal

I’m not an expert on Pokemon games, but at least I know there are tons of Pokemon games. If you can give me a youtube video of what you’re going after, it’ll be easier for me to judge.