Advice needed - subclassing the right way?

So, for testing purpose i jumped onto the GenericMod and subclassed a few ressources like stone/fiber/wood and increased their stack size.
I then added them to the Item Remap array.

Now when it comes to Spoiled Meat, each meat version seems to spoil to the “original” spoiled meat that doesnt stack with each other.
So i created a child of each meat version just to change “Spoils To” to my spoiled_meat_child.

So far, is that realy the right way? It looks pretty **** like a snowball effect…

As soon as my mod is not loaded and the server starts up, all items i altered are forever gone? Which means that server wont ever be able to unsub my mod…
This makes totaly sense if i’d add new items, but for just changing 1 vanilla item property?

What would be the correct way to implemt such a mod? This blueprint stuff is totaly new to me :S

and also, whats the best way so it works with any other mod? :S

edit2: and apparently if you demolish a structure the ressources you get always start new stacks… you can manually combine them though

for your first , yes that how it work if you want a mod that is not total conversion and so that can be stack with other :slight_smile:

for the second, sadly, it work like that for now, the only way to not have that happen will maybe be to use the total conversion mod and even so we still don’t know how vanilla will play with it ^^

for your edit : to be stackable the two way work, but other using the first way will be able to be add after a single total conversion ( so for a server it’s : 1 total and many other, you can’t use many total ^^)

maybe other people will complement me, there is some remap thing that i didn’t look into (like the remap resources component) so maybe you can use some to simplify a little the process :wink:

are u making a conversion or mod?

its just a mod