advice needed: making foliage look more realistic


Hi friends, I am working on an external scene with forest and foliages.
Its a completely different ball game from doing interior scenes, was wondering if anyone might have ‘cracked’ the code like koola did and give some advice on how we can make external lighting on foliages more realistic.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Can you give us your actual not rendered scene? To see where lights are located, how many etc.

Edit: I meant a screenshot not an actual file :slight_smile:

  1. make sure that you foliage is casting shadows -> e.g the grass on the ground
  2. use a foliage shader for your vegetation meshes
  3. place the meshes like they would be in the nature -> e.g under a tree you will find short grass and more dirt
  4. add a colour variation to your vegetation
  5. you need a good ground material :slight_smile:

Ahh! thanks fighter!!! let me try and play around.

@Nikopollo, there is just a directional light and a skylight. :slight_smile: Both are stationary and no settings changed.