Advice Needed for Project Setup

Hello, my company uses the sequencer tool for strictly for making video renders for multiple industry training courses. We create and or set up an Unreal project per course which could contain multiple maps as to one course might have several different settings based on the context of the training. Course development can take a few weeks, after which we start a new course project and set up a brand new unreal project. Depending on the course we may duplicate the same map from a previous course. We have been working in Unreal 4.23 and 4.24 but recently my team has been getting an error in 4.24 that prevents them from opening a map. The project will open and some maps can work but others wont, where as in a completely different 4.24 project that same map will load for them. Among said error are other random issues.

The error my team is getting is this:

“Out of video memory trying to allocate a texture! Make sure your video card has the minimum required memory, try lowering resolution and/or closing other applications that are running. Exiting…”

I do not get this error but my team does and we run the same laptops for development. And tried altering the things the error mentions to do.

We use Perforce as our source control. Currently we have one unreal project per course and it contains all the maps that will be used in the project. It doesn’t seem very common for people using Unreal to continuously be uploading and downloading new projects. I don’t know much about cache with unreal or the derived data cache or if it plays a role in the issues we are having but if I was to take a wild guess it would have issues involving stored cache over time. I am not entirely sure how to clear or clean that space after a courses is finished to help prevent issues with the next course project being downloaded and worked on.

I am looking for advice on a more efficient way to setup, manage and handle these projects. As I mentioned before it takes a few weeks to finish a project then our team starts a new one, rinse and repeat. I have noticed that lately issues are starting to pop up, there is a lot of crashing. But I would greatly appreciate some direction on what we can do to utilize unreal in this manner. I have considered having a single Unreal project per setting and that remain on the developers laptop to which multiple courses would be saved to rather than have a unique unreal project per course. But this is all a new thing our team is doing and we really would like to keep using unreal for powerful rendering and other tools that make our courses look great.

Again any thoughts and advice are appreciated.