Advice: Need 64 squares that are clickable, also react differently when hovered over

Keeping in mind I am still new at this caper…

I have 64 chess board squares. When I hover over an individual square I want only that square to highlight, and if I click in that square I want it to go off and do something else.

What kinds of blueprint magic should I do to set this behavior up?

Am I looking at box triggers, On-hovers and macros or functions or …or… or…what options do I have, and how best to achieve it?

I haven’t got it working for a single square yet, let alone 64 of them.


Use a tracé that you fire out from the camera and mouse position. When it overlaps a square you can affect it square in whichever way you need to. You Will need a boxcomponent for each square.

the 4.3 puzzle project allows you to set up a grid of squares to your own dimensions with touch and click events that effect the material already set up…its probably well worth looking at for what you want to do


I will look into both. Cheers.

I updated to 4.3, I don’t see any puzzle project in the marketplace. What did you mean by ‘puzzle project’ @WarpSpasm?

[Memory Game?]

Ah I worked it out, it is in the list of new templates when you create a new project. :smiley:


Try “New Project” -> Blueprint Puzzle

I believe that’s what he’s referring to, you should be able to get some ideas from the GameLogicBlueprint. It may be referenced under a different name but all of the blueprints should be easy to read, Epic did a very nice job of commenting. I think there’s also a blue print for clicking on cards and them playing an animation/sound cue.

no, this isnot the same : in the launcher do launch at the top of the screen just under 4.3.1 then you’ll have a window as it was before first you have all ever created projects and then the create a new project section and in the list you’ll have the puzzle one.

And an other idea can be to creat in a hud a 8*8 grid with the basic texture / the over texture and a hitbox for the effects.

I found this which might also be of use: (looks like what I need to do, mouse hover, mouse click do some logic, mouse click to select and pick up an object and move it about)

One of the problems with examples, as a noob, is what sequence of events I need to do to get something up and running. I see things I want to do but can’t achieve them, and have to keep closing my project, open a sample, go back to my project, nope doesn’t work, close, open, look, close, open, nope, etc and it gets a bit frustrating. So I go off and do something else, hoping I will pick it up later.

I guess that is where this helpful forum comes in :smiley:

Fen, I was actually thinking of applying the web/js/html plugin vaquoleUI as a hud and would be ideal for what I want to do, but I couldn’t work out how to get that running, again as a noob many examples are difficult to achieve without a full start to end detailed explanation. I will have to revisit that one when I know a bit more.

Cheers for the replies.