Advice in creating rail road system

Hi, so I’m trying to create a rail road game, but I’m not sure which way i should approach it. Is it possible to create an easy rail road system (for a single mine cart without suspension or other carts) with blueprint? I also need the cart to be able jump from rail to rail. (3 rails next to each other and the cart is able to jump from one to another). I thought of two ways to approach this.

  1. Create collision boxes and then when cart approaches different collision box I would adjust its position. (dont think this is a good solution)
  2. Somehow attach the cart to the railroad mesh and slide on it? (sounds even more stupid :smiley: )

So if anyone has an idea how to deal with this I would be very thankful :slight_smile:

You can create everything with BP, so far i had no need for using C++. You have Plugins and Blueprints, i see no need for C++. My goal is making a legit 100% blueprint MMORPG in a big scale. I know it wont take 6months but about 3-6 years. No problem for me, this is my goal.

You know UE4 or just starting? Basicly i wouldn’t care about the “rails”, create a “LINE” between rails that will center the cart, so the wheels will fit :slight_smile: