Advice for developing on the switch?

I’m making a 2D shoot em up that I’ll probably release on the switch, what do you think is some good advice for optimizing for the switch? Hopefully anything possible without C++. If I have to I will but I want to get really good at blueprints first (so if I lose motivation I won’t be screwed)

Moving on up

Reduce textures resolution.
Minimize drawcalls, simplify your shaders.
Avoid translucent materials when possible.

Optimize characters to use 3 bones influence per vertex, max.

Avoid Tick events like the plague.
Disable ticking on every class by default.

Minimize UFunction calls, develop systems based on events and interfaces, build self-contained systems wherever possible.

Avoid event ‘Update’ in animation blueprints.
Avoid excessive casting of types.

Avoid excessive actor spawning, use a pooling system for bullets and similars.

Avoid the generation of too much ‘Garbage’ (creating short lived objects that eat a lot of RAM).

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So I’m a noob to UE4 still learning stuff for multiplayer does it take up more Processinf when you’re hosting vs connecting or is it not related to Processing

If you never shipped any game you probably should not build any multiplayer game yet.

Networking is much harder to deal with.
You need to at least be already experienced debugger before you dive into multiplayer.

Not planning on doing it yet. I want to release maybe three games before I get into multiplayer. I just wanna know for the future.