Advice for data-management in hint system

Hi guys!

So I’m tasked with making a hint system for our game and I am trying to do this as flexible and and clean as possible.

My thinking is to go with each hint being a struct with a couple of variables like:

  1. ID
  2. Hint Used?
  3. HintTitle
  4. UseText?
  5. UseSound?
  6. Hint Text
  7. Hint sound(We are gonna have the hint be played in the world as a vocal performance but sometimes just as text)
  8. Widget type

I am not sure how best to set and store these hints. How do games store and draw these types of data? Is the norm to use some type of data asset?(Never used that). I just looking for a good way to easily keep track of these and edit them later on

So my solution I can think of right now is to have a HintKeeper_BP that we spawn in the level in which we populate the hit array made up of these hint structs, doing this for each level and keeping track of progress via the Game Mode.

There’s something called data tables that is basically spreadsheets of structs, sounds like what you want. Displaying them is like any GUI element, you’ll have to find tutorials or somrthing.