Advice for a traditional painter interested in switching from DazStudio to Unreal?

I’m an oil painter, until now have been using Daz Studio to assist with developing my compositions. I’m familiar with building scenes, posing characters, morphing in zbrush to correct anatomical issues and lighting/ rendering. I combine my renders with reference or working from life to make my paintings, so they don’t have to be perfect, I’m more interested in fluidity of creative process. I’m attracted to the power of Unreal with using Megascan resources, Metahuman and also realtime rendering so that lights can be placed in a more intuitive way, which is important for me in my process. I’m curious what experienced users of Unreal who might have used it for similar purposes think about whether it is worth the learning curve to transition my workflow from Daz Studio to Unreal? If so, is there any particular tutorials that you recommend for this kind of use case? Any advice appreciated.

Well, you won’t paint anymore. I also did it in all kinds of mediums, but digitally you can “undo”. You can create any imaginary world in Unreal, change lighting, perspective, composition, surface/materials, VFX but also have audio and interactivity. Then you can move freely in this world, even in VR if you like.
What I did can you see here, there are also some painterly approaches that might interest you, e.g. watercolour painted textures, Turner and more:…ering-services…169567/mapping

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Plugins that may be relevant to Daz3D and Painting:…/daz-to-unreal…pack-for-iliad

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