Advice for a Custom Streaming Audio Component?

Can anyone point me in a direction on how to create streaming audio? I made a custom C++ class based on the Ambient Audio, and simply want to replace selecting a soundwave to entering a URL of a livestream audio online.

Thank you!

WMF seems to be capable to stream audio and as such you can expect a way to access the raw audio informations (eg a uint8 /16 array). It might require a bit of a hacking and engine modification could be on your list as well, so you can expect some extra work :slight_smile: I’m not sure about the ambient audio, but you can just use the simple audio component and a USoundWaveProcedural attached to play your raw audio by feeding it continously by using timers or any method you just set up.

The new audio engine is expected to provide more convinient ways regarding this matter, since the media framework is allegedly going to use the new synth component, so you can have easy access to these informations and use it any way you just want.