Advice For A Complete Beginner

Hello, my name is Andrew, for the past few weeks I’ve been deciding on if I want to devote time into game development or not, I have decided it would be a good learning experience and am going to go for it.

I’m looking for advice on how to proceed from here, perhaps things you wish you knew before you started, I have a bit of experience in UE4 after playing around with it a few months ago for a week, but other than that I have 0 experience in this field.

welcome to the forum:)

you should take a look at the documentation and the unreal engine youtube channel, there is lots of info and lots of stuff to learn in those links.

you could also download the samples/examples from the launcher, taking them apart or building on them is a good way to learn how things are done.

hope that helps:)

It entirely depends what part of game dev you want to dig deeper.

If you are artistic person, then creating some enviroments would be way to go. Ie. get great reference pictures of some place (may be your home/house) then try to recreate it best you can. This way you learn whole pipeline about content creation. After that you can try some character design etc.

If you aim towards programming you should pick some very simple game and recreate its game mechanics all with menus etc. Like single level (forget infinite worlds/maps until later), few actions, keyboard only input.

I’m not sure which area I’d like to study more, I have little to no experience in both, I guess the best way to go would be start with world/level design and go from there?

Essentially I’d like to know everything I possibly can about the whole process of developing a game, and be able to do it myself, now that is an extremely large goal, I’m aware, but i feel like if I know how to do everything, I’ll be able to achieve more.