Advice & Direction on a PC build!

Hi, thanks for checking out this thread.

In short, I had a go on my friends PC designing maps / levels on UE4. I liked the whole process and i’m now looking to get my own home PC set up that can easily handle the stress required to run UE4.

I am completely useless with PC jargon, i’m more of an artist than a techie. I have some understanding of the components required to build a pc, and what to look out for but it will be the compatability between components that will throw me off and I can see myself spending more than I can afford on parts that don’t work well together. Bare in mind this build is going to be from scratch!! If there are any package deals that are up to the task… I’d be interested to find out more.

Or if you guys are happy to share, could you maybe underline some of your own set-ups and/or components that work really well together you’d save me a lot of hassle!
So I really appreciate anyone who takes some time out of their day to reply to this!

Cheers, Tom

The first steps to building any system: Define your budget and your intended use.

From there, we can give you some further suggestions.

it is hard to help without a price range bro if you throw one of them up I will be glad to give you my advice.

Suggest reading that thread, but it all comes down to your budget, I would personally avoid an overclock since the cash you spend on overclock (cooler, more expensive motherboard, k version cpu) is better spend on decent stock i5/i7 (3rd or 4th gen) and just running them turbo if you have to.

Depending on your budget, you probably gonna end up with a GTX960 or GTX970
Even a i5 2500 is good enough for gaming, i7 would be more optimal for developing though, and you gonna want a newer 3rd and 4th gen.

What you gonna want to end up with dependent on budget.
80% bronze rated 450w power supply.
Micro Atx or Atx motherboard, dependent if you want to use those extra PCI slots.

  1. GTX 970 and i7 (3rd or 4th gen)
  2. GTX970 and i5 (3rd or 4th gen)
  3. GTX 960 and i7 (3rd or 4th gen)
  4. GTX 960 and i5 (3rd or 4th gen)

If you don’t have enough for 1, go for nr2 etc.

Only if you have too much money too waste and can easily afford nr1 plus extra, should you consider OC.
But to be honest, it’s not very cost effective anymore.

Thanks for your replies.

Budget is around £600 / $1000 max - intended use is for developing with quality industry standard results and fast processing. Catering for upgraded components in the future would be good.

Hope you have some good advice, thank you!

Hi there, thanks for that thread link, so much good info on there!
I was looking at PassMark Intel vs AMD CPU Benchmarks - High End and the ‘’ Intel Core i7-4790 @ 3.60GHz ‘’ looks about right on the money for performance. But is it 3rd or 4th gen?
I’m stuck on choosing a motherboard. Can you recommend a motherboard to suit wifi, 8gb+ RAM, a GTX 970, a sound card port and multiple USB’s?
Excuse my ignorance, but what are the PCI slots for?

Thanks again guys, looking forward to hearing back from you!

Go with the i7 4790K, it boosts to 4.4Ghz. It’s Haswell 4th gen. i7 3770K would be 3rd gen Ivy Bridge. Z97 motherboard would be great but H97 also works well. PCI-E slots are for adapter cards, graphics cards, sound cards, network cards and other stuff.

I would concentrate on getting a good core for your machine. By that, I mean CPU, mobo, and RAM. get the 4790, 16GB and a compatible mobo. You don’t need to go overboard on this, just get one that has 4 RAM slots, SATA3, a decent onboard sound-chip. Basicaly, anything from a big mobo name. (I’m not a great believer in expensive mobos).

If you are stuggling to stay within budget, here are some good options.

Although I prefer Nividia, the AMD 290 or 290X cards are great value. The GPU is usually the first thing you upgrade anyway.
You can get a cheaper HDD for now, and get yourself an SSD later.
A sound card is another thing that you could add later.

PCI slots are for things like sound cards, wifi cards, etc. All those add-ons that don’t go in your PCI-E slots (which is basically where your GPU goes).

Do NOT skimp on your PSU!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Computer illiterate here, trying to build a machine for Unreal…

So are you saying i7-4790K would run hot and its better to get a i7-4790 instead?

I have another question, would a solid state drive improve compilation speed with Unreal?

Yes! Finally someone who shares my opinion on logic boards. I do have a question regarding CPUs. Why are so many suggesting the i7 or i5 as CPUs when you can have about the same amount of power for less money with a Xeon CPU? The downside to this is that you don’t have a iGPU which you don’t even need if you’re getting a GPU.

A SSD writes and reads data faster than a HDD. Your OS will boot faster and compile time will be faster. Do note SSDs are more expensive. I don’t have SSDs. I’m still using HDDs so I can’t tell you how much faster they are but I can tell you this: When I compile my UE4 projects I don’t have to grab a cup of coffee and wait for it to compile. With that said you should first invest in CPU, Motherboard, RAM and GPU. Those are more important. If you have money left then you can consider buying a SSD over a HDD.

Thanks for answering my question on SSD.

Well I’m not an expert but does their clock speed go as high?

This is the best one available in my area:

If you want to read about the difference there you go.

And a video on this topic:

Minute 02:17 shows that clock power doesn’t always win when it comes down to gaming. Note that xeon has 3.6ghz and the i7 has 4.0ghz

Also it seems like my “Xeon are cheaper than i5 and i7 for similar power” statement is false.

Xeon’s can be cheaper than an Intel i7, but to my knowledge they are not cheaper than an Intel i5.

From your link on Xeons they are saying they are meant for software that does repetitive tasks, so I assume the expensive CPU cache is for loading that code onto. In games I’m guessing there’s a lot of code moved from RAM to the cache, so Xeons would not be optimal in that case.

Don’t Epic’s dev rigs have Xeons in them?

I’m wondering if they need them to build their code base as fast as possible? I haven’t a clue about Unreal, but some engines run faster the more cores you have and Xeon can have a lot more cores, if you’re willing to pay through the nose.

Xeons are workstation/server CPUs and have a lock frequency multiplier (they can’t be overclocked by multiplier). The equivalent Xeon to the 4790K is slower in single threaded performance due to it’s lower frequency but is cheaper

Does this include a monitor?

Interesting video here:

Are those fps in the games benchmarks?