Advice before publishing a game?

Hi everyone, I’m a little new to UE, and I’m polishing up my first game before I publish it. I’m not expecting anything from it, I just wanted to ask the community if it has any pieces of advice before I do anything. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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test it see if it works? :upside_down_face:

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So since it’s our first game to be published, I assume on a marketplace, then what you learn from “that” experience will have more impact on what you will do with your second, third, and so forth. Just like making a game it’s a time consuming process to gain the experiences necessary to be successful at selling a game as to the micro details that goes unpublished as to fact.
The best advice I could give is to hire on someone who has publishing experiences.
Another bit of advice is don’t make your best game your first attempt as the risk is to high that it would even get noticed or high enough of a rate of return to make the effort worth it. I would be inclined to do a few easy to produce games with low end user cost just to see how the market will react.
I would also avoid words like
“I’m not expecting anything from it”
As far as your concerned it’s the best game ever and for others to decide if it is or not.

Test it on your friends, family and whoever you can catch.
Put it as alpha on steam, ask for honest feedback.

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If by pure chance you’ve come to the same conclusion as someone else, there may be problems to the level of story music and the game in general a legal analysis before selling the product is essential you risk finding 1,000 lawyers attached to your bootom like piranny on a bovine leg and regularly taxes and all legal things before starting