advice about integrating opencv and ue4

i’ve been using osc to bring in coordinates from opencv, into ue4, but was thinking it would be quicker with less moving parts if this was done in the ue4 executible. I’ve looked around and it seems people have successfully integrated opencv with ue4, but most of the examples are 3+ years old. one of the clearest docs about integrating opencv is this:…nreal-engine-4
having no experience doing c++ with unreal, is this still the method for bringing opencv into unreal? i notice it uses the third party directory, but epic suggests using the plugin template for using third party libraries. any advice would be appreciated before i go down this road. thanks


Im finding myself in the same spot trying to integrate OpenCV with Unreal, however i already attempted to follow the guide in the link you provided (before finding your post), among many others with no success as it seems these guides are outdated (3+ years old as you mentioned), so i was just curious if you ever managed to get it set up and if you did, would you be willing to give a helping hand or point me in the right direction?