Adventurous LiFe

Project Title:
Adventurous Life

2-4 player 2d Tactical Role-Playing game loosely based of Norse and Greek Mythology


Story driven and choice focused
Turn based Tactical combat
Isometric point of view.
Customizable player characters
Local and network play 

The story takes place in the land of Galirath, Which resides in Chronosphere.Many young gods have been trapped here and decided to settle here over time. The world is full of conflict and an abuse of power. Two Young siblings decided claim Galrath and bring it under there rule by forming an army and getting rid of any threats.

What I’m Looking For

A team to start a project with from scratch. I want to collaborate on everything from the art to the game system and story. So all positions welcome. I do have many project ideas already and have been working on them for some time. I have even paid artist in the past. I am also an artist and a story writer. I do have a lot of things for this game planed but am flexible to change.I’m not sure how to start these things so i am giving this a try,I want to do this for a living and I’m looking for people of like minds and are focused on getting a project finished and some experience under there belt. Feel free to contact me here if your interested or just have questions.

Skype: penfishstudios
Email: Penfishstudios@