Adventure X

Hi everybody online here,

this will be a very short post for now. I am just curious what other unreal people think about my work so far.
i am “playing” with Ue4 for some time now and am absolutely amazed of its capabilities.

So i thought about reviving an old adventure project back in old 2.5 D glory to new and shiny UE4.
i stopped with it 6 years ago because of my famliy growing and spare time decreasing :wink:
as you may guess the name is only wip as everything else.

but enough talking … here are some screenshots from my work so far.
i am really into honest opinions (yes that means critics, too …)

P.S. these images are scaled down very much.
Any reason why i cant post larger ones ?

waiting for replies :wink:

Looks Interesting… Like to see some video clips…

thx !
there surely will be video clips in the not to distant future.
At the moment i am still converting the old 3dsmax files from 2009 to UE4 and that is really a lot of fun to do :wink:
here is a comparison shot from one of the old scenes


As you can see there is a lot of renovation going on …

Looks really cool so far, big fan of the renovated ship, the surreal hedge maze makes me think of Gulliver’s Travels.

thx !
the surreal hedge maze is heavily inspired by a film i love very very much. Its called Labyrinth, a Jim Henson Puppet Movie starring joung Jennifer Conelly and David Bowie

That’s awesome, love to hear trivia like that.

I thought I’ve seen most Jim Henson movies but never seen Labyrinth, googling it I definitely see some of the swashbuckling inspiration :slight_smile:

Was Labyrinth your biggest inspiration for making an adventure game such as this?

Looking forward to seeing more!

labyrinth and dark crystal jim henson, too] are a big part of my inspiration for the adventure, plus the wonderful hours back in my youth playing all the lucasart-classics on my amiga - and getting nearly crazy swapping all the disks :wink:

Sooooo pretty.

thank you cinebeast

Holy ****. Only thing I got to say in response to all of that.

Really interesting style and very detailed. Good job!

@ HexField & Sitrec.
thx for your opinions ! makes me smile :wink:

I’m drawn to this!!! And love the name :slight_smile:

working on the ship scene a bit today

  • made the island grow a bit and made it more cozy …
  • added the ocean shader from unreal learning
  • added some flags swaying in the wind
  • some tweaks here and there :wink:


so much fun working on this !
thx epic for this crazy tool !!!

Well this just proofs that all things even remotely connected to Jennifer Connelly are destined for glory :rolleyes:
Love the art-style. Very refreshing to see this weird mix of scale, colors and scenery. True art for sure.
Keep up the amazing work Stucki!

Hi chesire, thats really kind words. Thx very much !!
Now i am going totally nuts adding some more dinobones … have to think of some reasons why they are standing there not breaking apart … doesnt matter, they look cool :slight_smile: ]
maybe tommorrow i will build some kind of fixture for the bones …


good night

Wow this is cool, keep up the good work man!!!

thx L_A_L_I_90 !
will try do my best :wink:

today only a little bit of progress :wink: scene is getting bigger and bigger

  • made some constructions to walk the dino skeleton [still no fixture for the bones …]
  • added a lighthouse and another shipwreck, but scene has to be detailed out much more …
  • a little bit of this and that …

good night

some UE4 love of another old scene …