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I have started converting my UDK Adventure Kit to UE4.

This work in progress log will pretty much go like the last one. I will litter the thread with videos of newly implemented mechanics. Since this is a port it will probably be done faster, however since UE4 is somewhat different to UDK I might run into new problems so it is going to be done when it’s done.

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This got me thinking:

If you have used my UDK kit you know I relied a lot on traces for a lot of things, e.g. ledges. I continued in that fashion when converting to UE4. However maybe transitions like the guys from submerged used are the way to go. With blueprints being able to calculate their transitions automatically upon construction in the editor (unlike UDK) I think this is the better option for a couple of reasons:
-Traces are rather expensive for runtime, while a predefined set of transition points will only take up a bit of memory.
-AI will be more likely to use those transition points for pathfinding, rather than tracing.
-The level designers will have a much easier time figuring out what works when constructing a climbing wall.

So what do you think? Should I rather use a system where the Character traces for special materials to determine what is climbable in which way, or should I use a transition based system where the biggest overhead of calculations can be done pre-runtime.

Edit: Poll Results
The results are pretty obvious, the majority wants transtions (currently 75%) so I think the voting is done, even tough I cannot close the poll manually.

Edit: Alpha
I already received an enormous amount of applications and unless you are developing on/for Mac or Linux I will have to decline further applications.
Hey all,

First off, I know this has been going on for way longer than I initially planned, but this should finally be news that you have been eagerly awaiting: I am taking the project into a semi-open Alpha phase. That means every one can potentially participate, but it is invite-only. To apply read on!

Currently the kit is relatively stable, but lacks some features and documentation. As hinted at previously, multiplayer and arbitrary gravity have been put on the back-burner in order to focus on the rest of the mechanics, so some things work with them and others don’t.

Though architecturally I am pretty happy with the code fundamental changes might still happen, I cannot yet guarantee for backwards compatibility. The kit currently also still contains a few third party assets which will be removed or replaced before the final release.

Many have guessed it, but now I will state it clearly. Yes, I plan to sell the kit on the marketplace, however, before I do so I want it to be as waterproof and easy to use as possible. By participating in this Alpha you will get access to the kit and the same terms will apply as if it was purchased on the Unreal marketplace, with the exception that I cannot guarantee further exclusive updates for testers after release. You are allowed to still use what you got during the alpha, though.

Still sounds good to you? Then send a mail to:
advkitalpha {at} freetimestudio dot net

Please include your full name, the OS you are working on and if you can or want the type of project you want to use it for. If you work with a team please also include the size of said team. I would also like to know how much experience you have had with Unreal or programming in general.

You should get a mail back in about a week with further infos regarding the alpha.