Adventure Game Maker - Also useful for RPG-Open World-Horror

Hello everyone! I am currently making an Adventure Game Maker, a project that enables the users to make their own Adventure Game based on the old Point and Click Adventure Games but with a few twists to bring the gameplay to today’s standards. As it is, it supports First Person Character view and it is made for Single-Player games.


Dialogue System
Item Inventory
Chest and Car inventories
NPC Blueprint
Save and Load System
Director Blueprint

There may be a pickup and carry system so the player can move items on the spot without having to pass them through the inventory.
Also, a studio level for making Icons for the Inventory Items is on the way.

A full mini-adventure game with a short story will be included that the player can play, save, load, just like a normal game.

The blueprints will be heavily commented so anyone can see what I did, learn from it and even improve it.

I already have most of the systems ready from older projects as well as the game I am making now. I only have to work on the Icon Studio and the Grab system implementation. Everything else works and I have gotten into the mini-game story too. The game will also feature voice actors.

The NPC Blueprint has functions about dialogue and plot that will make directing them easier.

The goal is to make something that feels like writing, directing, and editing an actual movie.

Feel free to make conversation and let me know of what you think of my idea. I hope I will have it ready soon, I guess the documentation will take the longest but I can start with a few explanatory videos and issue the full documentation a bit later.