Adventure Game: Dream Master: 7 Weeks - 6 Students

Hi Everyone,

My team and I would like to share our end of session work in progress. We are students from NAD, a video game design school in Montreal Canada, and here’s our work in progress. The objective was to take a Nintendo game and revamp it into a 3d version using Unreal Engine 4. We were given Dream Master.

I apologize in advance for the horrible video quality. I can’t afford a nice enough computer yet. we will release this in the coming weeks.

Nemo returns to slumber land once more and finds himself getting attacked by the Nightmare king’s henchmen. He loses his plushies in a mysterious mushroom world and must find them back and escape dream world.

Here are a small list of features you will find in this small playable level:
Character transformations
Squirrel: Gliding
Frog: Double Jumping + Swim fast
Nemo: Attacking
Mouse: Shrink
Cheetah: Super Speed
Collectible items
Unlockable Items
Boss Fight
NPC + dialogue
Teleporters only accessible by the Mouse
Hidden NPC who offers you a secret

: Animation, Rigging
: Level designer, Level artist, 3D Modelling, Matinee Cinematic integration
(myself): Blueprint mechanics, Concept Art, Minor Animations
: Concept Art, Texturing, Minor modelling
: 3D Modelling
: UI, FX, Shaders
: Character modeler, Concept Art

Love level design , great work

Amazing work, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thank you guys! The teams hard at work. We still got lots of goodies to implement.

Great concept art and execution. Just the right amount of “spooky” for a kids game but not so kid-friendly that adults won’t want to play.

Thanks :slight_smile: we made some changes to the level design now and our sound desginer provided us with the sfx and soundtracks.

By next week we will make this game available for download on unreal engine 4 .

Work in progress: Heres a unlit preview of our game level

Hi folks, here are the in game environment shots of our game. We will hopefully release it this weekend :smiley:

Fantastic , keep going on :smiley:
Are you using terrain or only meshes for the level base ?

Well, the artwork and character design is pretty good! Animations looks a little bit too much “edgy”, try to smooth it with blendspace more out! Camera is imo a little bit off, put more dynamic on it, it just looks to “static” imo when they char is moving, flying etc.

Level design reminds me of some oldschool leveldesign, looks pretty good, but, the brown/orange colour on the trees destroys your all in all “feel” for the world. When i look at the pictures from the level, i get the feeling that some toxic bomb where dropped in this area, or that the whole world is kinda toxic and i get the urge to get away from this area to a more “peaceful”, colorful area. Was this your intention when you and your team created it?

Because if you want this “fantasy adventure” look, you´d need to change the color mix. put some cartoonish looking wood textures to the trees, make them a lot more brighter, and change the whole crazy colors for the plants, leafs from dark purple to a more brighten up purple/blue/green mix.

Give it a friendly look, dreamy look, where you enjoy every second!

Also change the water texture to a nice realistic shader. This will give your level a nice contrast! The water looks right now to me also like some ugly toxic like fluid where you dont really want to swim in.

/Edit: I just saw, that the trees i was talking about are actually mushrooms. So, my suggest: reduce the mushrooms overall, and add more grass, more flowers… like i said, for me, it looks just to “dark”, “toxic”.

Btw. dont get me wrong, your student project looks overall good but its kinda hard to understand what you want to make the player feel: is it only a level where some dangerous enemys are? well, than the level design is good! Because i get the feeling: lets get here out! i dont like this place!

But if you want to make me feel “dreamy”, “lost” in an fantastic beautiful fantasy world, than you need to change the level color mix and reduce the mushrooms and replace it with more grass, flowers etc.

Hope i could help you with my critic and im looking forward to see more of it! :slight_smile: Greetings!

/edit2: the concept art to modelling part is very very good! But when i look at the concept art it also screams “ADVENTURE FANTASY!!!”, which your level design dont really do! :slight_smile: (your concept art picture for the level design looks a lot more better, than the result in your game, why did you change the colors from a blue dreamy look, to a dark brownish dont know what look?)

Take a slower look at it , it’s not trees.

, thanks for the crits but we already handed in the project the deadline was the 12th at midnight. We tried to deviate from the traditional or conventional look of dream worlds. The teamed wanted to test themselves at trying something new. Game will be release tuesday in the Released Projects section you can download and play. Your feedback will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey ! you´ve mentioned that you and your team tried to recreate the classic, conventional look from adventure/fantasy games.

but that wasnt really my point. Its about the colors you and your team choosed and the density of the mushrooms which destroys the beauty of your level.

Dont get me wrong, its not bad at all, but your sketches (which look fantastic) speaks another language than your actual real level.

Anyways, good job and i´ll check your game definitly out! Greetings :slight_smile: