Advancements / Changes in Rendering on iPhone 6 (A8)

just wondering, with the new iPhone announced yesterday and with it the A8 core, if there will be any changes or improvements in Rendering on these devices?
I have looked at the changes in Metal for the new chips (I don’t know how and if it’s okay to talk about it here, if anyone want’s to look, the differences in the featureset are mentioned here: (Metal Feature Sets).

I’m curious if this would make i.e. deferred rendering possible?

  • Johannes

Hi Sonix! It’s still too early to know if the A8 will have enough performance for our deferred path, but we are certainly interested in finding out! We’re slowly enabling extra enhancements to Metal (using more interpolators, allowing GPU skinning of 8 bone weights/vert, etc), so stay tuned!

Hi, thanks for your reply!
Hopefully the new chip will enable even better visual quality on mobile, i’m looking forward to see where metal and the next UE updates will lead us :slight_smile: