Advanced vehicle

Hey everyone,
I am searching for like 2 weeks now to find some suitable answer but no luck so far. I´ve built a model of a car where suspension is not visible but I want to do it anyway, just to, you know, get better at stuff. So I´ve built a working double wishbone suspension (i am so tired of writing these three words down so many times for past two weeks), everything follows nicely but instead of shocks which are in unreal advanced vehicle blueprint, I want to make the same but with springs. So I am asking if there is anyone who can tell me some trick or anything, make a video, step by step pictures, call me, send me a pigeon with message, anything. How to make the springs behave the way they should without oddities. I work in Blender, but it doesn´t matter if you know how to do it in any 3D modeling software. I am used to finding some tricks to do it in Blender since it has to be always somehow different than the others, but now I have really no idea since every tutorial on the internet is showing it only for rendering or I dont know what, but no Unreal what so ever. I don´t believe no one has tried it so far.

Hi Tom! now this depends on what your trying to do eg real sim like vehicle coil springs with damping/compression values … goto might help

on the otherside if its just the visuals then is just a case of vertex wieghting between the 2 bones

no physics involved. Nothing but animation only. I am thinking about it for a really long time but I have no idea how to do it properly. But as I saw your reply (which I am really thankful for to you) I tried to not apply 100% weight and it might work like that. Just two questions: Does unreal need to have on every vertex applied 100% weight? And if not, is that the way it should be done? I don´t want tutorial (even if I watched every single one of yours, and you helped me on youtube as well :D), but just some advice. Because so far I thought that, if I won´t apply on some vertex full weight it will always stays behind a bit. I am sure you know what i mean, like when you dont apply any weight on some vertex it will always stays in place, so if you apply only a little it will move, but only a little, so it is possible in unreal ?

ok think of the weighting of the spring like a gradient, the top loop is weighted 100% to the top bone and 0% to the bottom bone, the next loop is weighted 90% to the top bone and 10% to the bottom bone , … , the bottom loop is 0% to the top bone and 100% to the bottom bone.

side note might be outdated but each vertex can be weighted to 4 bones which total to 100%

I was just about trying something with shapekeys :D… I´ve never thought of it this way. I am sure going to give it a try. Thank you a lot Geodav :).