Advanced vehicle suspension free setup

Hi, try to ask maybe some one need setup their vehicle suspensions to advanced suspension(visually working shocks, arms, cardan and etc) so you give me your cool vehicle model in maya(but it must be game ready) and i skin it in maya and setup in unreal for free(because i want up my skills and make good portfolio) and then i give you back all project and maya file

vehicle must be suspension open(like halo buggy, halo warthog in video below or cars like in last mad max movie) because we need see result))) and i use standart vehicle component this mean your vehicle maybe start fly and can use only 4 wheels(just see this thread with unreal engine vehicle problems).

for now i have only two work from one of favorite games but i think its good for new guy In UE

All final video I be post here in thread

so let’s start and see how it goes

PS sorry for bad English

Hello friend is this still open