Advanced UMG tutorials/Courses

I have looked around as much as I could, but failed to find a decent tutorial or series that focuses largely on creating highly advanced menu system using the UMG. I’m not looking for the basic stuff in UMG. What I’m looking for is a source of information which addresses the possibilities, examples or even advanced tips to help create a fairly advanced and highly optimized menu system. There are a few videos and courses online that are focused on UI in unreal, but they are all either really old (during the early stages of UMG) or very basic.
I noticed that UI development has little to no prominence given either in the forums or in here. There is not even a separate section dedicated to UI.
Does anyone know of any advanced tutorial series or live training sessions addressing UMG?. Please do let me know. I don’t mind paying for the courses as well.

I totally second this!